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Whitmore Bay (Year 1/2)

Classroom Information

All about Year 1

                  Teacher: Mrs Moore

                 Teacher: Ms Paynter

Teacher: Mrs Reed        Teacher: Mrs Newberry

Support Staff: Mrs Harris

                         Mrs Robins

                         Mrs Manson                                                     Mrs Radford               

                         Mrs Hopkins

                         Mrs Casey



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Dosbarth Ogmore - class teacher Mrs Moore

Dosbarth Pembrey - class teacher Mrs Paynter.

Dosbarth Whitmore Bay (Year 1 and 2) - Class teachers Mrs Newberry and Mrs Reed


Welcome to the Year 1/ Year 1/2 page. We hope you will find useful information here to help you see who is who and some of the class routines.

Mrs Harris supports the enhanced provision for all classes known as ‘Amser Talent’, this is where children have the opportunity to consolidate their learning through practical and creative activities. Mrs Robins is our reading support, she takes groups of children and individual readers throughout the day and changes the book bags daily. 

Mrs Manson, Mrs Hopkins and Mrs Casey are 1:1 support assistants, but are very much involved in supporting small groups of learners across year 1 helping to develop their maths and literacy skills as well as ICT and physical movement. 

We are also lucky to access the wonderful music talents of Mrs Gidney once a week, where children learn to play instruments and develop some creative music skills. 

Year one has a balance of focused learning and free flow activities, children are given a group name so they know when it is their turn for focused learning, ICT, music or Amser Talent.















  • Power and Identity

  • Care

  • Paws, claws and whiskers

  • St David

  • Enchanted Woodland



Every day children are provided with milk and a variety of healthy snack such as fruit and vegetables. In order to continue with this, we ask for a contribution of £1 per week, this can be paid to the class teacher on a weekly basis, or paid up front for the term.


Homework is sent on a weekly basis from class teachers, which includes both literacy and numeracy, it is sent home on a Friday and is to be returned by the following week, we encourage parents/guardians to assist children with their homework so you are aware of the skills they are developing. Reading homework is often sent home by Mrs Robins to encourage the recognition of key words, sounds and general reading skills.  Book bags are changed most days, so children can take home a new book each day to read with parents/guardians. Book bags can be purchased from the main reception.

P.E and I.C.T

Every Thursday, all classes take turns to access the ICT resources, physical development and well-being activities. Children need to bring appropriate PE clothing every Thursday with suitable footwear in order to take part in both indoor and outdoor physical activities. School PE kits can be purchased from the main reception.


Class teachers are available at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day once children have been dismissed if you need to discuss anything, or alternatively you can make an appointment for a convenient time.


Mrs Harris

Mrs Hopkins

Mrs Manson

Mrs Radford

Mrs Robins


Mrs Casey

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