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Dosbarth Seren

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Thrive School of Excellence 2021 - web v


This year, we opened our new Dosbarth Seren Classroom.  This intervention class provides support and interaction for pupils that need to access this type of support. Staff provide opportunities for improved communication skills and social interaction. There is a wealth of opportunities for cognitive learning within the classroom setting to suit the needs of all learners. The staff within Dosbarth Seren are highly trained and skilled in providing emotional and educational support to all children. Dosbarth Seren is an inspiring space with a well equipped learning area. 

Dosbarth Seren, has gone from strength to strength this year. Mrs Pullin, the Dosbarth Seren leader has a well established and experienced team in place to ensure all children access the highest quality provision they deserve.

                                                                                                   Mrs Pullin - Dosbarth Seren Lead Teacher


Meet the team

      Miss Bricknell                                           Mrs Robins                                          Mrs Manson                                         Miss Rowlands

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