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Y Cwtch

Thrive School of Excellence 2021 - web v

We are always striving to improve our emotional health provision for our children and are fully committed to using Thrive Approaches. It is based on established neuroscience, attachment theory and child development. It provides us with the insights and resources needed to develop the relationships that help children and young people to flourish and learn.

Last year, we opened our new Y Cwtch, THRIVE Classroom. Cwtch in Welsh means hug and we wanted this area to be a welcoming, warm space. This provision is created to provide a short and intensive emotional support provision that provides individual, tailored support for identified children. The staff within the provision are highly trained and skilled in providing emotional support to children. Y Cwtch is an inspiring space with a well equipped outdoor learning area. The children who access Y Cwtch absolutely love being in the provision and taking part in art and craft activities, group work, gardening, working in the builder’s shed and even getting creative in the mud kitchen.

Y Cwtch, has gone from strength to strength and this year, Mr Trott, Y Cwtch teacher is introducing art therapy into Y Cwtch provision and is also creating our new Hygge room, which is a safe, calm space for children to relax and feel at home.

                                                 Mr Trott - Y Cwtch Teacher                                                                   Mrs Radford - Learning Support Assistant


We are also developing 'Cwtch Cornell' which are mini Cwtch areas in all classrooms to help children to regulate when needed in their classrooms. We also have Haven rooms across the school which are used for a range of wellbeing interventions.

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