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All about Reception

               Teacher: Mrs Beer

              Teacher: Mrs Pearce

Support Staff: Mrs Gouveia

                         Mrs Hadfield

                         Miss Harrington











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Reception is an open plan space consisting of 2 classrooms. The teachers are Mrs Pearse and Mrs Beer. Mrs Beer is our Foundation Phase Leader and she will be helping your child with Literacy/writing skills. Mrs Pearse will be helping your child to develop their numeracy/maths skills.  


We have Learning Support Assistants who support the provision of our engaging Foundation Phase setting.






























We are also fortunate to have Mrs Duffield  and Miss Pearse  in Reception. They support additional well being and learning needs within the class.

Mrs Gouveia

I will be helping the children to develop a positive approach to reading experiences. I encourage children to foster a love of books and develop the skills necessary to become competent early readers. Key words and sounds will be sent on  the Seesaw app to allow parents to support learning at home.

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Mrs Hadfield

Your child will spend lots of time with me in the outdoor area where they will develop their knowledge and understanding of the world. We will also be visiting the Willow Garden on a regular basis for forest school sessions.

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Mrs Hopkins

I will be working with children throughout the school day and helping them to learn in an outdoor environment. We'll be learning in “ Herbies Garage”  where there will be meaningful and hands on experiences encouraging independence, risk and challenge .



Every day children are provided with milk and a variety of healthy snack such as fruit and vegetables. In order to continue with this, we ask for a contribution of £1 per week, this can be paid to the Mrs Hadfield on a weekly basis, or paid up front for the term.

  • Autumn Term

      “Power and identity"



  • Spring Term

      “ The Quest for the Golden Chalice”


  • Summer Term

       “ Finding Iolo”

Please Remember

  • School starts at 8:45am and finishes at 2:55pm.

  • Snack costs £1 a week. Please pay Mrs Hadfield weekly.

  • Please put your child’s name on all items of clothing, coats and bags.

  • Your child will need a P.E kit and a school bookbag. P.E day is Thursday. These can be purchased at the Main office.


Play 2 Learn

Play to learn is a creative fun way to develop physical skills using books, props and drama.  Young children are active learners who enjoy learning through play and physical activities.  Evidence suggests that movement underpins all learning and development.

Children work in small groups of 8 and would firstly listen to a story and then act out the story learning specific physical movements.  At the end of the session they come together to talk about the story and what they have done.


In Reception, improving Speech, Language and Communication through Play 2 Learn activities is a focus.  All children participate in a series of stimulating lessons each week.  In addition our assessment of physical development allow us to track and support more able and less able pupils.