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Expressive Arts at Herbert Thompson


Here at Herbert Thompson we are excited to embrace all new curriculum areas, The dynamic nature of the Expressive Arts can engage and motivate learners and so encourage them to develop their creative, artistic and performance skills to the full.

The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience centres on the five disciplines of art, dance, drama, film and digital media, and music. While these disciplines have a common creative process and share transferable skills, each has its own discrete body of knowledge and set of discernible skills. This area of learning and experience will ensure that learners are entitled to access all five disciplines.

Herbert Thompson Primary will afford learners meaningful experiences through which they can gain an understanding and an appreciation of the diverse communities of Wales as well as the wider world. During Expressive Arts experiences, learners will be physically, socially and emotionally engaged, and as a result their well-being, self-esteem and resilience will be nurtured. This in turn will enhance their self-confidence.

The Expressive Arts Area of Learning and Experience will also foster creativity and critical thinking skills which will aid learners’ capacity to question, make connections, innovate, solve problems, communicate, collaborate and reflect critically. These are higher-order skills in demand by employers and essential for learners to become active twenty-first century citizens.

Importantly, the area of learning and experience will make the Expressive Arts accessible to all and through this inclusive approach expand the horizons of every learner.

Music at Herbert Thompson

Here at Herbert Thompson, Music is practised throughout the school in many different ways. We enjoy weekly singing assemblies in Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2, as well as special music assemblies and Eisteddfods.

All children from Years 1-6 have specific class music lessons with Mrs Gidney, linked to Cornerstones topics. The children’s musical skills are developed through rhythm, rap, and rhyme, including Welsh and Country dancing.

This year our Year 5 children have had the privilege of weekly lessons with the WNO (Welsh National Opera) community programme, culminating in a combined school’s concert in the Welsh Millennium Centre in June.

We have a large collection of musical instruments, which are used in class lessons and also group/individual music tuition sessions that take place with Mrs Gidney. Currently about 50 children from years 4-6 are learning Keyboards, Pianos, Violins, Recorders, Cellos and Guitars. Please see Mrs Perry in the office if your child is interested in receiving instrumental tuition here at Herbert Thompson Primary.


Music Clubs

We have a Herbert Thompson Primary Orchestra which practices every Thursday. Our Orchestra gives the children opportunity to take part in concerts and assemblies. There are also two choirs practising on Tuesdays and Fridays. The larger choir is open to all and we also have a VW group, which is a vocal workshop session where a smaller group can focus on more challenging material. Our choir sessions give the children an opportunity to learn and perform new songs as well as try out some fun vocal warm-ups! Both choirs perform in assemblies, local retirement homes and special concerts. Every Christmas our school choir performs with Cardiff Quaynotes Choir, in Portland House, Cardiff Bay as well St Mary’s Church, to an audience of over 150.

Drama at Herbert Thompson

As well as Drama being developed within the classroom setting, a weekly Drama club is open to all Key Stage 2 pupils, every week (Thurs, 3:15-4pm). Sessions encourage confidence and self esteem, giving pupils opportunities to express themselves through drama and music. The drama club performs two shows a year for audiences to come and watch.

Art at Herbert Thompson

We are keen to embrace the importance of Art here at Herbert Thompson. Art is taught within the classroom setting each week and we also run a weekly Art Club (Thurs, 3:10 - 4pm) for all Key Stage 2 and Year 2 pupils.

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