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Professional Learning

We are proud at Herbert Thompson that we are a School Learning Organisation (SLO). Our staff are continually looking to improve and raise standards within the school. 

Here at Herbert Thompson we are committed to ensuring that all staff reflect on and improve their practice through professional learning.  Our approach to Professional Learning follows the National Vision whereby we are working towards building capacity amongst leaders and skills that will enable staff to be successful in creating a new curriculum for our pupils and community.






Professional Learning at Herbert Thompson take on many forms such as:


  • Collaboration – working in triplets and groups within and across school.

  • Reflective practice – opportunities to reflect critically and candidly on current practice, and being open to others’ reflections on how practice can be improved or developed.

  • Use of data and research evidence – enabling participants to build their skills in making use of research and data.

  • Coaching and mentoring – interaction with coaches and mentors on programmes and in reflective practice in school

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