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Rewards at HTPS

Our children are rewarded with positive points which make up an online reward tracker for each child. Children can receive points for hard work, effort and positive behaviour. Children receive treats if they collect all the points and become point champions and these include extra play, stickers, 'dip in the treat box' etc. 

We use a range of rewards to improve children's motivation and celebrate their efforts.  Some of our rewards can be seen below.


All the children in school are rewarded with Dojos throughout each school day. A Dojo can be given for many reasons, including academic achievement, a good attitude towards learning, role modelling, kindness, helping others etc. Each class will award a Dojo champion at the end of each week. The Dojos are displayed on the class Smartboard throughout the school day using an online reward tracker.


Certificates and Stickers

Certificates and stickers  are given out for a range of reasons, including fantastic effort, super behaviour and great work etc.

Purple Slip

In every class, children are selected every day when they have worked really hard to be the best that they can be.  The slips are sent home to share with their families. 


Star of the Day Sticker

Each classroom has a reflection chart with three parts ‘Ready to Learn’, Time to Reflect’ and ‘Superstar Learner’.  When children are in the Superstar Learner part, they achieve a star of the day sticker.

Warm Fuzzies

We talk about a warm fuzzy being a good feeling like a tickle in your tummy when you do something kind or you work with others. Every class has a warm fuzzy jar and when do something good as a class for others or each other, they get a warm fuzzy in their jar.  When they fill their class jar, they can choose a whole class treat, such as a movie afternoon or a visit to the local park etc.  The successful class comes to assembly and a representative then puts a large warm fuzzy in the whole school jar and when that is full we have a whole school treat, which is chosen by the Senedd. 

Weekly Awards Assembly

Every week there is a weekly awards assembly and three children per class receive a Headteacher’s sticker for great work, behaviour or demonstrating the school values.  

House Teams

All the children in school are in a house, Castell Caerdydd, Castell Coch, Castell Caerleon, Castell Harlech. Children earn points when they take part in various activities such as sports day.


Reward Postcards

All the teachers have a supply of reward postcards, which they send home occasionally to let parents and carers know of something good that has happened. The children love getting these postcards. At the end of every day, our teachers come on to the yard and speak to parents or guardians about something good that we have done that day. 

So please make every effort to pop down to school at least once a week to speak to class teachers. 

Attendance Rewards

We have a half termly attendance event that celebrates those who have had 100% attendance or those with improved attendance and punctuality.  We have special treats such as hot chocolate, ice cream, extra play, discos etc.

The attendance cup - children get very excited about the class attendance award and strive to achieve this every week. The positive relationship cup is for individuals who have shown great kindness and respect for others. There is also a positive playtime cup and a Gwobr Cymraeg - welsh award for gwych (great) use of Welsh. The children also love receiving the MyOn reading award and enjoy the element of competition when we celebrate the child who has read the most words!  The child who wins these cups gets to display them in the classroom for all to see. Our awards assembly each week is fantastic – we love sharing each other’s successes and it is really important to our children. Our Criw Cymraeg use it as an opportunity to practise their Welsh, including telling the children their new whole school phrase. 

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