Study Champions

Croeso! Welcome to our web page!

We are the study champions: We want to help all of our school community to become better learners, children and adults.


We have voted for our Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and our Minutes takers.


Chairperson: T’Leia, Year 6

Vice Chairperson: Maddy, Year 6

Minute Takers: Agustas, Year 4  /  Saiyeed, Year 5


We want to help children adapt to different ways of learning.

We talk to children about how they learn.

We want to find out how children learn best.

We are going to consider how ICT improves our learning.

We want to investigate whether learning outside helps improves our achievements.


We look forward to meeting you if you visit our school,


T’Leia and The Study Champions

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