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More Able and Talented


We have many more able and talented (MAT) pupils in Herbert Thompson. Whether they are more able across curriculum areas, or show talent in one or more specific area.... our children have an endless list of abilities and talents that we value and celebrate in school.


Teaching in Herbert Thompson provides challenge for all pupils, including those with higher abilities, to achieve their best.  All our pupils are able to discover their potential through our curriculum of opportunity. All their abilities and talents are then supported and developed through an enriched curriculum and extended learning experiences. The provision we provide for more able and talented pupils therefore benefits all pupils.


Our MAT pupils are supported and challenged to develop their problem solving and higher level thinking skills through an enriched curriculum, providing lessons that are suitably differentiated for ALL learners.


Parents are kept informed of their child’s progress and achievements through regular parent-teacher meetings and reports, both formal and informal. Children are also given regular homework to further develop their abilities through home-school inks. Parents are also kept involved in teaching strategies and curriculum developments through parent meetings and workshops so that we can work together to help our children to achieve their best.


We offer our pupils an enriched curriculum with many opportunities to develop academically, personally and socially. These opportunities include school trips, inspirational visitors, clubs, sporting events, music lessons, inter-school links, community links, pupil voice; parent links.... the list is endless and ever growing! We also love to share and celebrate achievements outside of school, our pupils inspiring each other with their wide-ranging and impressive talents.

Since 2012 we have had an annual ‘MAT day’ where children and staff can show off their many and varied talents. Every year has been a huge success, with staff and visitors leading sessions that gave children valuable opportunities to experience something they may not otherwise have the chance to do. This is always a memorable day for pupils and teachers alike.

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