Digital Safety Leaders

Croeso! Welcome to our web page!


We are the DSL (Digital Safety Leaders) at Herbert Thompson.


Our job is to ensure that people are happy and safe when using technology or when online. This could include staying safe as well helping them to use technology in the right way.

Some of the things we will be doing are:

  • Explaining whether games are appropriate for certain ages

  • Communicating the e-safety code to the Herbert Thompson community

  • Sharing our knowledge about using technology

  • Giving people tips and advice on how to deal with cyber-bullying or disrespect online

  • Showing people how they can be respectful digital citizens

  • Sharing our digital skills to help pupils, teachers and parents use technology positively in their lives.


As DSL members we are all going to learn more about using technology and become outstanding digital role models to other children in our school and the wider community.

We are hoping to develop our own digital skills including programming and website building. We will also become even better listeners, thinkers, learners and communicators by being part of the DSL.

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