COVID-19 - School Update...

17/07/20 Update:

Last day of term! Thank you all for your continued support this year. We will be welcoming all the children back in September, with a few operational changes as we adapt to the challenges of COVID-19. Further details for September will be available here on the website, our school Facebook page, our school twitter account and via text. If your contact details change over the next couple of months, please contact the school so that we are able to communicate the latest information to you. 

We would like to thank you for all your messages of support this year. Despite the unique challenges of the year, it has been a pleasure to work with you and your children and we look forward to another exciting year together. All the staff would like to wish you a pleasant and relaxing summer holiday. 

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10/07/20 Update:

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03/07/20 Update:

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26/06/20 Update:

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25/06/20 Update:

Here is the next resource pack for Literacy from Save the Children.

Please click the link below to find out more.




23/06/20 Update:

Here are some useful resources for Literacy from Save the Children.

Please click the link below to find out more.


22/06/20 Update:

Dear Parents and Carers,


On Friday evening, we were informed by the Local Authority that the additional week of Summer Term (finishing on Monday 27th July) would not happen and this school term will finish on Monday 20th July. This means that we have had to change some of our original plans.  We really don’t want to disappoint any of the children, so we are going to still offer two sessions in the next three weeks to children from Reception onwards.  Nursery will offer one check in session.  Staff will be contacting you to discuss, if your child’s place is affected.


Please know that all staff were willing to work this extra week and we remain absolutely committed to our children and families.


Thank you for your kind understanding.


Sheena Marsh


Please click below to read the latest news from from Welsh Government. 


19/06/20 Update:

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12/06/20 Update:

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05/06/20 Update:



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03/06/20 Update:







22/05/20 Update:


Please click the link below for more home learning guidance during COVID-19. 





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15/05/20 Update:



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07/05/20 Update:



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Check out this great photography project being set up by the Duchess of Cambridge. We would love you to take part!


06/05/20 Update:










01/05/20 Update:



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23/04/20 Update:


We are  conducting a digital learning survey to help us provide the best support for our children at this time. We would be really grateful if you can complete the survey below.






20/04/20 Update:

We hope you have all enjoyed a good Easter break in these difficult times. Our weekly planners are back on the

website for each class. We would like to encourage all children to continue with their learning at home where possible.


                                                                              Important information - please read below

                                                                   RISE Cardiff service continuing to support communities


RISE Cardiff, the service delivering advocacy, empowerment and healing for those experiencing or escaping all forms of violence against women, is continuing to support communities in the city, despite the current measures.


The service has changed the way it works to still deliver a full range of support services, including accommodation, whilst working within Public Health guidance.


This is a difficult and worrying time for everyone – but particularly so for adults and children living with domestic abuse.


The Rise Service phone lines are open 24/7 (029) 2046 0566 to offer support, advice and a place of safety if needed.  If talking isn’t safe you can also contact the team via webchat ( or email


Anyone in immediate danger, should call the Police on 999 (for silent help dial 999 and then press 55).


Contact the national Live Fear Free helpline for advice for yourself or if you are concerned about a family member or friend on 0808 8010800, Type Talk: 1800108088010800, Email:, text support 24/7: 078600 77 333 and live chat 24hrs:

19/04/20 Update:

Free School Meal provision - voucher scheme extended

Cardiff Council has again sent Free School Meal vouchers in the post to all eligible families, providing funds for a further two weeks of provision. Each voucher has a value of £40, per child.

The Council issued two weeks' worth of vouchers before the Easter school holidays, so this latest mailing extends the voucher scheme to four weeks for the time being.

Full details of how to activate the voucher is included in an accompanying covering letter. Click here to read see the covering letter that is being sent with the voucher:


The Council is continuing to look at different options for Free School Meal provision over the longer-term, and details of that will be shared once finalised.

If any families are still to receive their voucher sent last week, they should send an email to to inform the Council.


8/04/20 Update:

Please click below to read about online safety during this time of COVID-19.








3/04/20 Update:

Dear Parent/ Guardian,


Free School Meals


The collection of packed lunch grab bags will stop this Friday , 3rd April . Welsh Government have asked Local Authorities to continue to support children eligible for Free School Meals over the Easter Break. Over the next few days, if you have a child eligible for a Free School Meal you will receive a letter detailing how you may redeem a voucher to the value of £40 as a contribution towards your food needs over the two week Easter period.


Please see below further information regarding emergency food access during this time of COVID-19


There are three ways to access food: 

1. You can access food bank vouchers via the Dusty Forge (ACE - Action in Caerau and Ely). Their number is 029 2000 3132 and address is: 460 Cowbridge Road West, Ely, Cardiff, CF5 5BZ

Or go to

2. ACE also offers the Pantry service - Per week you can pay £5.00 and receive £25.00 worth of food. There is limited food at the moment and ACE is creating food parcels to make it fair for all families, these can be delivered by PCSO's should you not be able to leave the house. Payment can be made online to reduce the contact with people. 

Or go to

3. Lastly Ely Hub is acting as a food bank and food bank vouchers can be used here. 

Or go to

2/04/20 Update:

Well done to everyone who has been working so hard this week.

Click below to find out about our weekly rewards.




1/04/20 Update:


We will continue to share useful information for as long as necessary on this page. Below is a link to free speech, language and communication resources for anyone who would find this useful.






28/03/20 Update:

Key worker Childcare

From Monday 30th March 2020, there will be a Ely and Caerau hub in Hywel Dda Primary School providing childcare for key workers .  Eligible families who have accessed the school provision at Herbert Thompson Primary this week have a place.  

Any new requests for childcare provision, where parents and carers in keyworker categories have no other safe alternative, must apply using the online form on:

Support for Pre-school children will be made available via the Council’s Family Gateway (03000 133 133).

Keyworkers that are critical to the COVID-19 response are advised that childcare provision should only be used if there is no safe, alternative form of childcare available.  Provision is still being prioritised for health and social care workers (including those working in homeless hostels and Outreach) and in the emergency services.


Hywel Dda Primary School, Cambrian Road, Ely, Cardiff CF5 4PD 















Free School Meals Grab bags

Those who are eligible can continue to collect their grab bags on Monday 30th March 2020 from the school hall. We will update you on the provision for Tuesday.








26/03/20 Update:







  Please click on the link below to find                                                     Please click here for                                                                   out more information from                                                     guidance for coping during

    Cardiff Family Advice and Support                                                         COVID-19 isolation                                                                                                                                                          


23/03/20 Update:

Dear Parents/Carers,


As you are aware, the Government has instructed all schools to

close at the end of Friday 20th March due to the Cornonvirus: COVID-19. 

As a school we have been working relentlessly to ensure that your

children can continue with their learning during school closure.


Each class/year group will endeavour to update you of your child’s

weekly learning tasks on Google Classroom (KS2) and the School

Website on the home page by Monday each week.  You can access

these by clicking on your child’s class and week to open an overview.

Please be aware that if staff become ill, this will have an impact on

these updates.




  • Each week pupils will have tasks released to them on MyMaths

  • to complete, there may be a lesson video that they need to watch.


  • Big Maths online - Pupils will be directed to complete their CLIC

  • and SAFE tests weekly


  • Google Classroom - Children to complete any directed tasks assigned, this may be topic related or a discussion/question.


  • Accelerated Reading - Pupils will read a book and complete quiz/comprehension.


  • Oxford Owl - Pupils can log in and read a selection of e - books from their book colour.


  • Purple Mash - Directed tasks or maybe just some educational fun games/activities can be completed on purple Mash.


  • Hwb - Directed tasks or maybe just some educational fun games/activities can be completed on Hwb


Logins have been sent home for the pupils.  If you or your child has any issues in logging in, understanding the tasks then please send us a message via the contact section via the school website, stating your child’s name and class and issue and their class teacher will contact you with support.


23/03/20 Update:

New Information ***** Wales’ education minister has appealed to those classed as “key workers” entitled to childcare to “think very carefully” before sending their children to school.

Schools are closed, but some will look after children of parents who qualify in a broad list of professions.

Kirsty Williams said people should ask if their role can be done at home, before they take up an “emergency service”.

Children should only be sent into school if there is “no other alternative”, she told a press conference.

Ms Williams said: “If you have a partner who is not a key worker, what arrangements can you put in place for your family, for your children to be cared at home?

“Children are best kept at home at this time.

“We need to keep the numbers [at school] as low as possible, and parents should do all that they can to care for their children at home and only use these facilities as a last resort,” she added

20/03/20 Update:


Following Welsh Government guidance the school will be closed to all pupils from the end of the school day today 20.3.20.


NEW UPDATE ***The school will be putting childcare in place for those children who have parents/carers considered 'key workers' from Monday 23.3.20. 

Please click on the link below regarding the definition of a 'key worker'.

Please note that the strong message from the Government is that, wherever possible, parents are asked to keep children home from school, and that the school remains open only for those children who absolutely need to attend.  The fewer pupils who continue to come to school reduces the risk of the virus spreading to other vulnerable individuals in society.

Please notify the school if you require childcare as a result of the 'key worker' guidance.



We appreciate this is a very unsettling time for everyone and we are carefully acting on any advice and guidance given to us from the Welsh Government. Every pupil at Herbert Thompson Primary School has been given access to home learning through learning packs and online learning accounts. Details of home learning activities can be found on our school home page. 


Thank you for your continued support and understanding. 


19/03/20 Update:

At this current time, the school remains open today. 

Following an announcement by the Minister of Education in Wales yesterday afternoon, we are writing to advise you of two important decisions that will affect staff and pupils at Herbert Thompson Primary  School.


The school will be closed to all pupils in the coming weeks. The last day the school will be open will be Friday 20th March 2020.  It is not yet clear how long the school will be closed for, but as we understand it, there are no plans to reopen until after the Easter holidays at the earliest.  We will continue to keep you informed and would encourage you to follow any relevant news coverage.

As a school, we are well placed to deliver online learning using our various learning platforms that will be updated weekly.  Please access the class pages via the website for further information on this. This will continue to be the case over the coming weeks and pupils and parents have been informed how to access any online learning suggested.


Please be assured that we will keep you informed as soon as the situation changes and that all decisions made are based on advice at national level alongside the health and well-being of all staff and pupils.

***Please continue to read yesterdays Government guidance (18.3.20 update see below) regarding self isolation for 'vulnerable groups'.***


Please see below information issued from Cardiff Family Advice and Support


Cardiff Family Advice and Support will continue to support families across Cardiff. We will provide a range of information, advice and assistance for children, young people and their families across the City. This will be provided via telephone, email, social media pages as well as information being available through our website.


Family Gateway: 03000 133 133

8:30am – 5.00pm (Monday-Thursday)

8.30am – 4.30pm (Friday)


Family Help: Continue to contact families who have been referred to their service this will be via telephone, email and video call.

Support 4 Families: Continue to contact families who have been referred to their service this will be via telephone and email.


Guidance Information on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is available from Public Health Wales


18/03/2020 Update:

At this current time, the school is currently open.

We are taking advice from Cardiff Local Education Authority and will update this page with any changes that occur.

At this time we have been asked to communicate the following to all children, parents and carers:

Firstly, if you or anyone in your family has symptoms of the virus you should self-isolate for 14 days.

Our advice on social distancing applies to the following groups:

The advice on vulnerable groups can be found on the Public Health Wales site under advice and guidance, but includes people with:

We will update this page regularly as the situation develops and/or as we implement further measures to keep our community safe.


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