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Family Support and Advice

Here at Herbert Thompson Primary we try to offer the best support and advice to all our families.  We have strong links with Cardiff Family Advice and Support and we would like to share as much of this information with you as possible.

About Cardiff Family Advice and Support

Cardiff Family Advice and Support Cardiff Family Advice and Support offers a range of information, advice and assistance for children, young people and their families in Cardiff. The team can provide information and advice on:

• Family Life

• Child behaviour

• Child care

• Parental support

• School attendance

• Employment, money and housing

• Information and signposting to other services



Cardiff Family Gateway

The Family Gateway is a contact point for any professional, parent, child or young person to get the information, advice and assistance you need in Cardiff. The Family Gateway Contact Officers are available to listen to your situation, identify what support is best for you and can help you access it. The Family Gateway team can help you find support services including money advice, housing, welfare benefits, child behaviour, childcare, school attendance, health and wellbeing, parental support and much more. The Family Gateway team work alongside Family Help and Support 4 Families when and where families need additional support.


Cardiff Family Help Team

Cardiff Family Help Team are an early intervention service offering high quality information, advice and assistance to children and young people aged 0-18 (or up to the age of 25 in the case of a vulnerable young person) and their families living in Cardiff. Working alongside a wide range of local community and partnership agencies, the team are able to tailor support to the many needs families face in their day to day lives, providing short term help (typically 6-12 weeks). The team aim to meet families in a place comfortable for them, this could be the family home, the local Hub or school if this is preferable.

Support 4 Families

Family Support Service can work with families facing more complicated issues. Family support workers can work together with parents, children and young people to find the right solutions for them and their family. Family Support Workers can support in a number of ways including:

• Direct delivery of a range of evidence based family programmes

• Providing practical help and support

• Act as a key worker for a family

• Advise on a wide range of community based services

Providing Parents, Children, Young People and Families with... The right information The right advice The right assistance the right time

How to contact Cardiff Family Advice and Support 

Tel: 03000 133 133

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